David Lawson

and on comedy shows with performers from SNL, Last Week Tonight, and The Daily Show.

Lawson is on Twitter: @dtlawson

Lawson is on Instagram: @LawsonOnstage

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david at dtlawson dot com

Lawson has performed on the popular storytelling shows Mortified, Kevin Allison’s RISK!, and Mara Wilson’s What Are You Afraid Of?

David Lawson performs one-man shows all around New York City and across the country. His latest, Nazis and Me, is about his encounters with hate groups:

Lawson runs a solo show intensive, teaching  students to write and perform solo shows

David Lawson

Lawson recently directed Invisibility,

Richard Cardillo’s one-man show that won the Audience Choice Award at the

2019 FRIGID New York Festival

Lawson recently appeared in the Comedy Central Originals sketch The Rage Restaurant:

For over 5 years he’s hosted the monthly Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show which has been featured in the New York Times